Wednesday, May 26, 2010


full disclosure: i say the word "yay!" with abandon. and when i say abandon, i mean abandon--it happens a lot. to the point where i've started converting all of my co-workers to yay-dom--even the male ones. (one, the other day, told me that he never used to clap his hands and say "yay!" until i started working at the company.) what can i say? it's contagious! and it's an expression of joy.

i definitely embrace the yay.

needless to say, when i saw the photograph of this dresser, with the word "yaypants" scrawled in pretty writing across the third drawer, i was pretty excited. what a happy piece of furniture.

(um, also, just out of curiosity, what do we think "yaypants" are? underwear? exercise pants? shorts? i have no clue!)


  1. "embrace the yay" - I love this. Love the dresser too! Yay!

  2. Very happy I just discovered your blog on Kirtsy (yay!) and I am so sorry about Lola. She certainly had beautiful soulful eyes.

  3. yaypants = skinny pants? i always "yay" when i fit into my smaller pants! :)))

  4. I say Yay a lot, too. And I think yaypants have to be just sounds good. :)

  5. Hahahaha.

    Just followed this blink from my blog stats.

    Yaypants are my pants.

    I've been attaching the word 'pants' to thing for years. Mandi-pants (for a friend), hellopants, and then one day I decided to attached pants to "yay" and it's sorta my signature saying.

    I needed something to label the pants drawer with and my friend supplied the obvious "yaypants!" and that drawer was born.

    So... That's the story. :)

  6. kara, i LOVE that so much--and i said "yay" when i read it. :) thank you for sharing, and for the awesome photograph! xo

  7. that's awesome, love the little story.

    i say "oh yay" all the time and its always followed by a huge smile!