Monday, March 15, 2010

will you mend these wings that are flying me?

happy monday! how were your weekends--did you enjoy the extra light on sunday? my friend t.'s surprise 30th birthday party was saturday night, so it was a late evening and, needless to say, when you add in the time change, it became a really late evening. but amazingly fun, and so worth it--the look on t.'s face when she walked into a room full of friends screaming, "surprise!" was priceless and heart-warming and everything it should have been--for her and for us.

sunday brought lots of sunshine, sleep, a long walk, a cool night, and the discovery of my new favorite song (and possibly my new favorite artist): "misdirection" by sanders bohlke. i tweeted about this song last night, and you can listen to it right here--it may not be your cup of tea, but i am completely head over heels. and it's not very often that a song makes me tear up, but this one did. the sense of longing in it kills me--such a poignant, four-minute musical capture of something we've all felt our way through. the lyrics and melody remind me of nights spent lying in bed, windows open, staring at the ceiling, praying, "please don't forget about me," while a soft breeze wafts in, fluttering the curtains, and the moon beams in rays of silver light. it's an intoxicating song, truly.

anyway, listen and let me know what you think, and if you like it, try "the war," which is available on itunes. ("misdirection" will be soon, too, but for now myspace is where to go to listen to that one.)

whew, this post went in a completely different direction than i expected it to (blog posts have a mind of their own, i tell you), so i think i'll tell you my "committing to..." list tomorrow. until then, you tell me: what new music have you been enjoying lately? xoxo!

{ gorgeous image via this beautiful post on design is mine, to which my lovely friend amie tipped me off }

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