Tuesday, March 16, 2010

sometimes i believe as many as six impossible things before breakfast.

in love with this alice-in-wonderland-whimsical photograph by tim walker. love, love, love. (i posted another of tim's photographs here...they are magical.)

oh, and p.s.: since i skipped monday's usual "committing to..." in favor of an emotionally charged rant about music, here are my weekly goals. (a day late is better than never, right?)

this week, i'm comitting to:

+ grooming. i am in need of fresh toe- and fingernail polish. and an eyebrow wax.
+ going to bed before midnight. this is a toughie for me, but i can do it!
+ spending as much time as possible outside, in the newfound evening light. beach walks are in order.
+ finding more awesome new music. it's like an internet scavenger hunt.
+ being more patient.
+ working harder. and also, finding balance.

and you, friends? xoxo!

{ photo via all the mountains }


  1. I really like that you start the week off listing what are you committed to. I need to be more focused on my weekly goals. This week I am working on waking up a little bit earlier, getting my finals done and not spending money. Yay! Happy Tuesday!