Monday, March 8, 2010

the weekend + committing to...

this weekend was:

sunshine. puppies. friends (new and old). alice in wonderland with my mom and dad. brunch and mimosas with my brother. a reunion with one of my favorite people in the whole entire world. a beautiful wedding at a beautiful location. and a trip home to sarasota filled with perfect night-driving music (one of my favorite things).

and this week, i'm committing to:

+ a positive attitude
+ making some kind of pastry to give to others
+ not drinking any soda (i quit soda completely a year ago, but have been sneaking some recently. time to stop doing that)
+ talking to at least one new person
+ going to the ymca a couple of times (thank you, mom, for renewing my membership!)
+ finding beauty in the little things
+ seeking out creative inspiration

what do your weeks look like? xoxo

{ photos: a favorite breakfast spot near my parents' house; my dear friend shun and me; a pretty waterscape, also near my parents' house. a good weekend, indeed. }


  1. YOU'RE SO CUTE! that smile of yours is BEAUTIFUL!

    {and i never use caps. so there.}


  2. karey! you are the BEST! thank you, i'm blushing.


  3. Fabulous goals. I need to work on the whole positive attitude thing too!