Monday, March 29, 2010

before sunset.

this weekend, i went to a wedding at the ca d'zan mansion here in sarasota, which is located on the ringling museum of art campus. ca d'zan, which means "house of john," is the home that john and mable ringling (of ringling bros. fame) built and lived in during their tenure in town. it's absolutely beautiful, and was the perfect backdrop for the wedding, which was held at sunset and stretched into the night, with a live band playing on the terrace, twinkling stars shining overhead, and the sweet smell of roses from mable ringling's rose garden wafting through the air. a quintessentially sarasota event, indeed; one that made me remark, several times, that i would love to copy every last detail for my own wedding.

anyway, needless to say, the wedding was a lovely weekend centerpiece, and now here we are on monday again, beginning the last week of march. here's my little list what i'm committing to this week:

+ spending as much time as possible outside while the weather stays textbook perfect. (it won't be long before we're all turning on the air conditioner again.)
+ completing a huge work project.
+ finishing my book so i can start another one.
+ finally, finally getting my taxes (ugh) 100 percent complete.

what are your goals for the week? xoxo!

{ photo of the ca d'zan mansion via here }


  1. This looks beautiful and like the quintessential Florida evening... Goals for this week? Ummm, yet to be determined :-) LB

  2. Gorgeous. I am so envious that you call Fla. home.

  3. Wow, this place looks absolutely beautiful! What a perfect wedding site. Ugh, one of my goals this week is to finish my taxes too. I also want to do some Spring cleaning and organize my closet. Have a great Monday!

  4. Yes, that is so beautiful. I love Sarasota. Goals... hmmmmmm.

  5. thanks, ladies! i am pretty lucky to live in such a gorgeous place (and i need to remember that in mid-august, when i'm inevitably complaining that it's 1,000 degrees outside)!