Tuesday, March 2, 2010

headboard love.

this weekend, i bought some new bed linens (thank you, ikea!) that i am totally loving--they really make my bedroom look much more "26-year-old woman" and much less, um, "13-year-old girl."

however, i also have a giant wooden headboard that, when i walk into my room, makes me want to walk right back out. it's propped up against one wall because i can't decide what to do with it, and more than once i've been tempted to just haul it downstairs to the trash or donate it to goodwill.

but after i saw this gorgeous headboard in the new issue of lonny magazine, i'm inspired to give my own a fresh coat of bright white paint and see what happens. or, you know, try to find one exactly like this.

do you have a headboard? did you make or alter your own? if so, what did you do? please share!

p.s. i know i'm late to the party, but are you loving lonny as much as i am?


  1. I am really, really late to the party because I didn't even know about lonny. I'm officially in love. :) My husband is going to build a headboard for us once we have space for him to work on it. I cannot wait! Good luck with your refurbishing!

  2. hey stephanie! isn't lonny great? that's awesome about your husband building a headboard--you'll have to share a pic. :) thanks for the good wishes! xo

  3. my bed is actually from Ikea and on the wall i hung prints of some photos I've taken and put them on simple frames... paint is always a great way to change something!