Monday, March 1, 2010

snow envy.

i mentioned the other day that florida has been having one of the coldest winters i can ever remember, and i've lived here for all 26 years of my life. many of you are probably rolling your eyes at this, but as someone who wears flip-flops and open-toed shoes for 90 percent of the year, i don't quite know what to do when the barometer dips below 60 for more than four days in a row. (i know, cry me a river. but hey, we get hurricanes here!)

still, i'm always a little jealous of my friends and family who live up north and who get to see snow fall and blanket the ground every winter (a white christmas is not something we get in sarasota). so when my friend susan posted these photos on facebook, i stared at them for a good long while, trying to live vicariously through her camera lens and picturing myself curled up with a blanket and some hot chocolate, staring out a big picture window at fat snowflakes falling from the sky and dusting everything with a powdered-sugar coating.


  1. 'powdered sugar coating' - i like it!
    i know exactly what you're feeling -
    all my friends and family back in europe are getting the snowiest winter ever - looks gorgeously dreamy in all the pics, but then i guess that tropical bali looks pretty good too.
    hot chocolate would be nice though
    and palmiers - miam!

  2. i grew up in texas and then moved to NYC after college...i have to say, i wasn't quite sure what to do with the cold either! but i have to say...i kind of love it now!