Monday, February 1, 2010

happy monday + this week i'm committing to...

happy monday, lovelies, and happy first day of february.

um, by the way, where did january go? weren't we just celebrating the onset of 2010? gosh, time really does fly.

so, how were your weekends? mine was good--i got to the farmer's market, i spent time with friends, i ran those few miles i talked about and i got a lot of work accomplished. also, i went to a bar with two of my favorites on saturday night and saw a waiter who looked exactly like john krasinski, but with a shock of jet-black hair instead of john's dirty-blonde locks. needless to say, i was a little smitten. (it's fun to fall just a little in love with something every day, isn't it? even if that something, or someone, is a doppelganger?)

anyway, now it's a new day, a new week, a new month. so here's what i'm committing to this week:

+ sticking to my new budget. (gulp. but also, many, many thanks to my financial advisor, a.k.a. my dear friend j., for reminding me that i deserve a stress-free financial life. even if it means i have to give up some of my shopping habit.)

+ cooking everything i eat this week. i think this will require mapping out a meal plan (does that constitute a sub-commitment?), but it'll be fun. my copy of judith jones' the pleasures of cooking for one should come in handy for this one.

+ giving my house a deep clean. boring, i know, but it's funny how much better a clean house makes me feel.

+ reaching out to my brother. he and his live-in girlfriend of two years just broke up, and i think he might need some older-sister love this week.

+ eating fewer cadbury creme eggs. you guys, those things are like a birthday party in my mouth, but i don't think two a day is very healthy. i think i should switch to apples, instead.

a weird little list, i know, but it's what's on my mind. what are your goals for the week?

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  1. Hehe, sounds like a lovely weekend! (I love that you saw a John Krasinski look-alike!)
    Good luck with all your plans this week!! I'd love to cook all my meals, but I'd need to practice a bit before I commit to a whole week ;)

  2. just for the record, there is no need to eat less cadbury anything. especially eggs. two a day is moderation!

    beautiful blog!! i will be back for sure.