Friday, February 5, 2010

what are you doing this weekend?

happy weekend! aren't you so happy it's friday? i've had a bit of a rough week--some personal drama on tuesday, a swollen eye on thursday, and just a general busy-ness--so i'm looking forward to a relaxing evening filled with what not to wear and couch time. and just like last weekend, i want to run a couple of miles, hit the farmer's market, spend time with friends, and maybe bake a cake from all cakes considered, which hasn't gotten much use yet, but does look awfully pretty on my coffee table.

p.s. some local stories you might find interesting: a tightrope walk over sarasota and a bald eagle swimming in the gulf (this story makes me a little teary, for some reason--the eagle is ok, though). sarasota was full of craziness on thursday!


  1. i saw your tweets about these events... so very crazy! i work all weekend long nowadays, which is absolutely crushing my social life. le sigh. :(

  2. long time no notes
    hello and happy 2010
    i have been pretty frantic since the noughties left us [and the tiger joined us]
    moved house both truly and virtually
    and been busy trying to open a restaurant
    so this weekend i loved staying at home, turning the air con UP and wearing trackie pants! such a luxury!
    hope you had a nice relax and have a better week this week
    charlie [bali]