Monday, February 8, 2010

cheeky + committing to...

i know this photo is a little...unusual...but i also think that there's something really sweet about it. the little bird, the soft you agree? (or maybe i'm just nuts. i do know that i wouldn't mind my derriere looking like hers, though. maybe if i keep up the running...!)

oh, and here's what i'm committing to this week:

+ making an effort to look nice for work (and humans in general) every day. this means lipstick and blown-out hair. i am often a victim of the wet-hair-slicked-back-into-a-ponytail coif.
+ bringing more color into my life. not sure yet how i'm going to do this. i'll let you know.
+ taking more photographs. (this might be how i accomplish the above commitment.)
+ doing my laundry before the end of the week.
+ dropping off all the clothes i've purged from my closet at goodwill.
+ making valentine goodies! (i'm thinking cupcakes, or heart-shaped cookies with pink frosting.)

at any rate, happy monday. i hope you have happy, cheeky days ! xo

p.s. just because, here's my favorite superbowl commercial. well played, google.

{ via mary ruffle }

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