Thursday, February 25, 2010

and these days, i wish i was six again...

lissy elle's beautiful flickr photostream is making me really happy on this thurday morning--i love-love-love that light so much. (and on a side note, how much fun was making tents with sheets and pillows and blankets when you were little? my little brother and i did it all the time, and i miss it.)


  1. My best friend recently invited me over for an indoor picnic and movie watching. She built us a fort/tent to sit in while we ate snacks and watched movies. It was amazing. And we're 28 and 30 years old, respectively. You're never too old for indoor tents. :)

    Those photos are really great. The light is amazing.

  2. So sweet. Makes me relaxed just looking.

  3. stephanie--you are TOTALLY never too old for indoor tents!

    g., i kept looking today at work--they make me feel relaxed, too. :)


  4. i'm with stephanie
    more dens. more tents.