Wednesday, February 3, 2010

lower cases and capitals.

(taking a cue from naomi at the rockstar diaries today and writing my own little letters. maybe you could share your own, too?)

i am so sad i didn't purchase you when i had the chance. you were so comfortable and the perfect color and height, and best of all, you were an extra 30 percent off your sale price. responsibility got the best of me, and that's a good thing, but i'm still sad you're not in my closet.

your author, melissa gray, is a genius, and every recipe inside of you looks delicious. brown sugar pound cake with cream cheese frosting is probably going to be the first confection of yours that i make. i'll report back.

dear spinning class,
thank you for kicking my buttocks every monday night. i am pretty much addicted to you, and you get my week off to an endorphin-infused start.

dear sarasota,
70 degrees during the day and 50 degrees at night is pretty great. keep it up. i'll even allow a little rain if you do it.

dear hair,
i think i want to grow you out. you're pretty long, but i may want you longer. hmm.

dear friends,
thank you for always thinking i am good enough, even when i don't.

dear oscar,
why are you so cute? i love when you wake me up with eskimo kisses, purr like a little motor in my face, and curl up and sleep on the backs of my legs at night. you make my apartment--and my life--a happier place to be.

dear awesome people at apple/itunes,
it is amazing having all of my purchased music back on my computer. you guys rock for letting me re-download everything.

dear bedroom,
it would be awesome if you'd clean yourself.

dear readers and dear blogosphere,
you guys are awesome. enough said. have i told you lately that i love you?


{ crappy blackberry photo of me grinning maniacally taken by my friend k. last saturday night. please excuse the devil eyes. also, we can pretend my menu is me reading my little letters! }

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