Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Imaginary outfit: Summer sightseeing

Imaginary Outfit: Summer Sightseeing

As you know, because I've been talking about it ad nauseum, I'm headed to San Diego next week for my little brother's wedding, so I thought it would be fun to put together two imaginary outfits: This one, which would be perfect for walking around and seeing the sights, and another, which I'll post next week, for a sunset wedding on a boat. I love the neutral colors in this outfit—something about the nudes in the top, bag, shoes and sunglasses just makes it feel relaxed—and of course a good book is a necessity, as is a pop of pink, just because.

P.S. Click on the image to see item credits! 

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  1. This is dangerously close for the gear I've got packed for the lake weekend away! Cuffed jean shorts check, tortoise shell sunglasses check, lace tshirt check, and new brown street tote (also works as a beach bag) check!

    Have so much fun this weekend!!

    eileen ragan | leaner by the lake