Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Budget makeup find: Sonia Kashuk blush.

I've talked here before about my love of NARS' blush—Orgasm has been my go-to for years because it's seriously the perfect peachy pink. I love it; in fact, I'm currently trying to coax every powdery drop out of my almost-empty tray.

That said, at $25 a pop, NARS blush is not cheap, and I am not always able to get to Sephora to pick up a refill (I could order online but why pay shipping, you know?). So I present to you Sonia Kashuk's Beautifying Blush in Flushed, which rings in at under $10 and whose color, I'm finding, is an excellent reflection of its name. It's bright, so you don't need a lot, but it does the job. Pretty and inexpensive? Win/win.

Photo credit unknown; please let me know if you know it and I'll update!


  1. Thanks for the tip! And always love when there is great makeup to be found at Target! :-)

  2. I'll have to try this out! Right now I'm using two blushes (together). First I apply Maybelline's Bouncy Blush in a "pink frosting" (worst name everrrr), and then use Kirkland brand (yes, Kirkland) as a light power dusting on top to help it set in.

    Leaner By The Lake

  3. Does it come with the freckles??? Because if so, I'm in. (I'm in anyway. Just saying.)

  4. Cute! And they are a cruelty free company (no animal testing), which really is the cherry on top for me :-)