Thursday, May 9, 2013

Young Frankk.

So, last weekend I took a step towards my "wear more jewelry" goal and got a big red statement necklace (courtesy of my wonderful mother. Thanks, Mom). You guys, I love it. It's so bright and it goes perfectly with everything from my favorite navy-and-white striped shirt to my favorite all-around shirt, which features red-handled tennis rackets (no, I do not play tennis; yes, I get asked that question whenever I wear this shirt).

Anyway, now I want to buy all the jewelry, and these pretty pieces from Young Frankk are calling my name. I first discovered Young Frankk via Pennyweight Goods, and I'm so glad I did: The pieces are really lovely, the kind you'd wear every day. Consider both of the bracelets above added to my birthday wishlist.

Are you guys big jewelry wearers or could you go without it?


  1. Love the bracelet and necklace on the top- they're a unique combination of delicate yet bold at the same time. I'm trying to wear more jewelry too but usually end up cycling through the same two bracelets, two necklaces, and four rings...I need to step up my game!


  2. I only ever wear earrings, really. Necklaces feel awkward, like they're trying to choke me. But I think the real issue is probably that I don't really have stuff I like very much. And these are pretty beautiful...

  3. I'm a hugeeeee jewelry wearer but I've had a lot of trouble getting into statement pieces as I somehow feel like it's a bit much since I'm rocking some serious bust. I like that these are statement yet still have a delicate and feminine appeal. Nice find, Megan!


  4. I love wearing jewelry! :-) These pieces that you are showing us Megan are awesome! I especially love the first bracelet shown (the X type one). Great finds! I like pieces that can work with many outfits and many different occasions and these definitely fit the bill!