Monday, May 6, 2013

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday, friends! Did you have good weekends? Mine was great: I drove up to my parents' house on Saturday afternoon, hung out with them that evening, and then spent Sunday running around with ACS--we went to the Orlando Museum of Art, saw Iron Man 3 (which was great—I love Robert Downey Jr. so much) and then went out to a great dinner before I had to head back to Sarasota. Plus, the weather was gorgeous—I don't know what we did to deserve 75-degree temperatures and zero humidity at the beginning of May, but I will take it. We didn't do any Cinco de Mayo or Kentucky Derby celebrating, but that was just fine—the perfectness of everything else made up for it.

What were you guys up to over the last few days? What do your weeks look like? Hope you're all having good Mondays so far. xoxo

Photo: Baby oranges in my parents' newly re-landscaped back yard, which is causing me some major Yard Envy, both for the oranges and the expanse of green. 


  1. HA! Well I THOUGHT we were going to have a relaxing weekend full of plants, pets, and margaritas. Thank goodness we still had some fun with new fish, but the rest of the weekend was spent up to our elbows sorting, pitching, and organizing things from our storage unit and apartment. We unexpectedly need to get rid of our storage units because of a huge price increase, meaning that we have to re-think a lot of our possessions that we've been just keeping around because we have the space. Oy! Apartment dwelling woes. Looking forward to next weekend when we travel home to Michigan and get some relaxation.

    Glad you got some rest and joy this weekend!


  2. Sounds like a really wonderful weekend, Megan! How was the Orlando Museum of Art? What is the current main exhibit? We spent the weekend celebrating my birthday both with friends, as well as just L and I. So good times were had. :-)