Friday, February 24, 2012

what are you doing this weekend?

happy friday!

well, it's been quite a week, hasn't it -- even with a day off on monday? what is it about the short weeks always being the craziest?

and if i'm being honest, it was a bit of a difficult week, too. i caught a random cold on monday that i'm still not quite over (although, thankfully, the sore throat is finally gone), and several things happened that caused me to take a step back and start thinking big thoughts about honesty and authenticity and how the inclination for many of us in the blogosphere to be perpetually sunny is not necessarily either of those things (and by the way, i'm totally guilty of that propensity, too). maybe i'll write more about those thoughts someday soon. i'd be interested to hear yours on the topic, as well.

anyway, this weekend is dedicated to health, both physical and mental. i have a feeling there will be lots of sleep, lots of cat-cuddle time, and lots of tea. i also need to clean my house, and actually, since i've been sick, i should probably really give it a thorough scrub-down. so there's that. blissfully low-key. i couldn't be happier.

tell me your plans for the next few days, and i'll see you back here on monday. 

photo by sarah rhyanen of saipua


  1. i'm FINALLY going to Darwin's tomorrow night! you've told me at least twice to get my booty over there. i'm really excited.
    also, tried the 6am spin class this morning - got there at 5:50 - FULL. i couldn't believe it! are you a morning person? i actually like doing the morning spin class so i have my evenings free and am able to say "ugh i just wanna do nothing tonight / wanna have drinks / wanna do anything other than work out -- oh wait i CAN because i worked out this morning!" (: hope you're all better for spin on Monday!

    1. i am not a morning person (at all...yikes), but i would like to be -- and i am totally willing to try an early spin class one morning. did you go to same y for the morning one, too?

    2. hahahaha man! somehow i knew you'd say something like that. yep, went to the same one. went thursday too, guess i got there earlier than today because i got a bike and there were plenty of bikes left. i just rode a bike on the floor and used some equipment. I may do the Monday morning class - do it with me!! set that alarm! (:

  2. I hope you enjoyed a quiet weekend and are feeling better! I do understand the desire to keep everything sunny on blogs. Every now and then I'll let the darker side peek through, and I do try to keep it real, but in general I like sticking to the positives. It honestly helps me keep my focus on the great things in life. That said, you have to remind yourself that everybody else is doing that too. Otherwise you may fall into the trap of thinking that everybody's lives are perfect and beautiful all the time.