Tuesday, February 21, 2012

scenes from the (long) weekend + committing to...

i love the neighborhood where my office is located; there's a plethora of adorable shops and restaurants (with even more opened recently) that make walking around a joy.  sometimes you'll see something sweet, like the display in the first photo with the big "delight" sign and the lace window treatments.

and then sometimes you'll see something truly weird. like an eight-foot lego-man staring out at you from the second-floor window of a restaurant building.

for those of you who don't know, sarasota made national headlines last year when said giant lego-man washed up on siesta key beach. there was quite a kerfuffle over where he came from, who would claim him, and where he would live after he was adopted. turns out, that somewhere was right above bond restaurant. of course, we had to take a picture when we saw him up there on friday morning.

seriously: only in sarasota.

anyway, the weekend was mostly good: there was a movie night at home on friday night; a fantastic dinner party on saturday; and my first performance of circus sarasota on sunday.* unfortunately, sunday after the circus, i got hit with a pretty bad cold, and with the exception of some time spent outdoors with friends on monday afternoon, i spent most of the day at home, chugging tea and laying around.

my biggest commitment for the week is, of course, to feel better. but then there's also this -- a thought that i like to come back to every so often because i think it's so important, and one that i sometimes forget  in the shadow of other things:

*i should note that i normally don't enjoy the circus at all because of the way the animals are treated, but this show was happily almost entirely free of animal acts with the exception of one horse act and another bit that basically served as a showcase for rescue dogs.

top photos by me; quote by paper owls

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