Thursday, February 9, 2012

keep on trucking.

i've been wishing for food trucks in sarasota for ages -- ever since i discovered the amazingness that is orlando's yum yum cupcake truck, in fact. for a city that is full of great, local, non-chain restaurants, with a population that really appreciates them, it's a surprise -- to me -- that there weren't trucks parked downtown all the time. then i heard from several reliable sources that the lack of food trucks was due to issues with zoning, so i figured it was kind of a lost cause.

then, a few weeks ago, a friend pointed me to ringling picnic's facebook page, and i nearly squealed out loud at my desk. (ok, i may actually have squealed.) ringling picnic is a collection of food trucks (!) that will form a sort of "food truck court" in sarasota every monday through friday from 7 a.m.- 3 p.m.  i'm ridiculously excited and can't wait to try the food and see how sarasota responds. so far the lineup includes a coffee truck, a mac-and-cheese truck (uh, yum), a mexican-food truck and a truck that serves sliders -- and the facebook page promises that more are to come (here's hoping for some sort of fantastic dessert truck).

so yes: here's to one more thing to love about sarasota.

do you have food trucks in your town? do you love them, too?

photos of food trucks in orlando at an event near my parents' house by me. in fact, that's my mom in the second photo waiting for her food from the amazingly delicious korean bbq truck -- she loves a good stripe and some sperrys, as she should.


  1. We have quite a few of them in Australia, especially near the beach where there are lots of tourists :)

  2. there are loads of great food trucks at Glastonbury, so it makes wonder where they go in the year {and why they get replaced with bad burger vans}. I wish we had that sort of food truck culture her in the UK. x

  3. I am surprised there are as many food trucks out there as people say. I live in NC and have honestly not seen ONE. Of course, i live in a more rural area, so maybe there are some in downtown capital area? I think they are fantastic ideas, though, and hope more people look into operating one.