Friday, February 10, 2012

what are you doing this weekend?

happy friday, friends! it's the weekend! yay!

how were your weeks? mine was busy but good, and it ended with some of my best and oldest friends coming into town for a visit last night. we had a great time catching up and eating dinner at owen's fish camp, one of my favorite sarasota restaurants (and the scene of my birthday last year!), and i find its always good for the mental health to hang out with people who've known you for years -- and in jenn and bryce's case, more than half my life. even better, they're thinking of moving to sarasota, which would just be awesome. i would like to shepherd all the awesome people in my life down here, and these two are an excellent start.

what are your plans for the weekend? i need to do some baking -- molly's heart-shaped sugar cookies with cherry-scented cream cheese frosting always make an appearance around this time of year (the cherry is so subtle that it makes the cookies taste pink), plus i'm planning another pastry project that i'll share with you next week if it turns out well. and in non-food-related news, my favorite jeans bit the dust yesterday, so i need to find a new pair.

shopping and baking -- not a bad way to spend a weekend, huh?

tell me what you're up to, and i'll see you back here on monday. i hope you have a wonderful, relaxing few days.

oh,  p.s.: i created a facebook page for this blog earlier this week. it's not very active yet, but if you'd like to hang out with me on facebook, as well, you can click here to "like" the page.

photo by astrid


  1. i spent yesterday with one of my oldest friends. you're right - the last few weeks have been particularly testing and just a few hrs of gossip and laughter lifted me up - it is good for your mental health. x

  2. totally agree! so glad you got to have some good friend time, too, em. xoxo