Friday, November 11, 2011

what are you doing this weekend?

happy friday, happy 11/11/11, and most importantly, happy veteran's day. (with a newly appointed marine in the family -- my brother -- plus what would have been my army-general grandfather's birthday just two days away, veteran's day has even more meaning than usual for me this year. i may not agree with the war, but i am beyond thankful for those who risk their lives on our behalves. thank you.)

so, yes, there's a lot going on today, but it's been a busy week, too: i've had after-work events every night, and tomorrow we're celebrating my friend steph's birthday with game night at her house. game night is one of my favorite friend traditions because we all inevitably end up laughing so hard we cry; plus, when you add adult beverages to the mix, you're guaranteed some pretty funny -- and quotable -- conversations. i'm really looking forward to it.

i'm also looking forward to cleaning out my closet (my house is sparkling clean, the closet is really the last piece that needs to be dealt with), sleeping in and enjoying what's supposed to be absolutely gorgeous fall weather. i really need to get to the gym or get back to the jogging this weekend, too -- all this cocktail-party food can't be the best for the bod, so that's on the agenda as well. it should be a good, fun, productive weekend.

what are your plans? tell me, and i'll see you back here on monday. have a wonderful, wonderful weekend!

photo above of my hair, which got put in this pretty, messy updo at my event last night (a local company was doing mini-makeovers). totally having this done for the next formal event i go to.


  1. sounds a nice weekend planned, fun and relaxation. enjoy!

    no plans here.... hopefully get some art done...

  2. Megs! Catching up on your blog...I love your hair in this pic! It looks so pretty!! Game night was sooooo much fun. Can't wait to hang out again! xo