Thursday, November 10, 2011

loving: blankets (+ ceramics!) from coterie.

jane flanagan is one of my favorite bloggers, not only because she makes beautiful sentences but because she has impeccable taste -- as evidenced by the items she sells in coterie, her online shop. this textured silk and cotton throw, in particular, made my heart beat a little faster when i saw it -- it's the kind of thing that would be perfect in anyone's home.

p.s. i've got my eyes on those porcelain votives in the second photograph, too!

images via coterie


  1. Thanks so much for this post! And - just in case you didn't see my tweet earlier, I'm giving away a soap and incense with every throw purchase right now!


  2. These blankets do absolutely what the name says -- they are for the crib. Anticipate of this absolute as a batt for the babyish crib.

    Midwest Scrapbook