Monday, November 14, 2011

the weekend + committing to...

it was a good weekend.

it began friday night, after a busy work week, with dinner at downtown sarasota's newly opened eat here (our second time in seven days). my friends had shrimp tacos, i had smoked salmon flatbread with creme fraiche, and it was all delicious. plus, the place was packed and the air was crisp and fall-like, so it was a fun way to kick off the weekend.

then, on saturday, after a day of cooking and baking (my pumpkin cake was, sadly, a failure, but my caramelized onion dip was perfect), i headed over to my friend steph's house for her birthday and our annual game night -- and let me tell you, if you have not experienced the joy of playing catchphrase with a group of your friends after a couple of adult beverages, then you have not lived. i can almost guarantee you'll laugh until you cry, and an impromptu dance party might even take place, courtesy of the musical hits of the 1980s.

i may or may not have consumed enough wine as to make me feel ridiculously lazy on sunday, so that morning was spent lounging in bed and cuddling with my fluffs, and then, later, cleaning out my closet (three bags of clothes went to goodwill, yay), cooking and laundering.

so yes, it was one of those weekends where a lot happened but it all went by quickly -- i kind of can't believe tomorrow's monday again. and it'll be another busy week, but after a few weeks of feeling a little off-kilter and out of my routine, i'm finally starting to regain my equilibrium. that's nice.

and speaking of getting back into my routine, here are my commitments for the next few days (the first list in quite awhile, huh?):

+ try out a new recipe. sometimes i forget how much i love cooking until i'm back in the kitchen chopping and mixing and stirring. anything you've been loving lately? (i'm itching to make these.)
+ hit the gym. i feel very soft and i don't like it. plus, as much as i love going to media tastings and event dinners, they are not the best for the waistline when you're not exercising regularly. spin class, here i come.
+ start thinking about/planning for the holidays. this includes everything from potential vacation days to my christmas-cookie menu.
+ keep my house spic-and-span. it is sparkling right now and i find that there's really something to the whole clean house/peaceful mind thing. (is that even an expression? oh well, you know what i mean.)
+ during a month -- and a season -- that's all about being grateful, remember to actually be so. i have so much to be thankful for. i am so lucky.

photo by max wanger


  1. Love the list, Megan! I'm inspired to make a list for the week for myself. I as a bit of a lazy bum this weekend and am ready for a jumpstart. xoxo

  2. sorry to hear about your pumpkin cake. I have a recipe I used recently that calls itself a bar but it really a cake. Maybe it can help:

  3. what a lovely weekend, a nice balance of fun and productivity and relaxation...

    i also ha d a baking disaster, and i LOVE that dip.

    "i'm finally starting to regain my equilibrium"
    excellent. have a great week.

  4. i had a sunday like that the other week. it was fabulous. the headache was the only downside. x