Wednesday, November 23, 2011

baked! gingersnaps (+ happy thanksgiving).

tonight i'll be heading up to orlando with two pies in my backseat -- one pumpkin, one chocolate cream -- from our local amish restaurant, and i can't wait. (i sound kind of like a pie bandit, don't i?) thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays, not just because i love food in general, but because i especially enjoy fall and winter flavors -- pumpkin and spices and the like.

when i saw the recipe for these gingersnap cookies on smitten kitchen, i knew i wanted to whip up a batch and maybe add them to what i'm only half-jokingly referring to as my christmas cookie menu. i had all the ingredients on hand, so on sunday night, i set about making them. not only is the recipe incredibly easy to put together, the cookies are just as delicious as i'd hoped -- gingery and autumnal and perfect with a cup of chai tea. i prefer a softer, cakier ginger cookie, as a rule, so i baked them for about 11 minutes, but deb says you can keep them in the oven for as long as 15 for a, um, snappier gingersnap.

they'd also be perfect as a garnish for pumpkin pie or, if you cook them until they're harder, as the crust for a cheesecake (preferably pumpkin also). deb also recommends them as an accompaniment to her baked pumpkin and sour cream puddings, and i have to say, i think that recipe may be next on my list...

happy thanksgiving, everyone. i'll see you back here on monday. i hope your holiday is everything you want it to be!

photo by me


  1. Happy Thanksgiving!

    I was wondering when I saw a recipe for gingersnap cookies on smitten kitchen if that's where you'd gotten the recipe from. I didn't really pay attention to it on that site though until I saw your post as a cakier version sounds perfect and yours look delicious. Do you think they would make good whoopie pies with cream cheese frosting?

  2. i think if you made them a little bigger they'd make really good whoopie pies! they're still much less cakelike than a whoopie pie cookie but oh man, with a cinnamon cream cheese frosting filling i'd bet they'd be AH-MAZING.

  3. These look so delicious! Have a beautiful holiday!