Thursday, August 11, 2011

word love.

i try to post original (at least, original to me!) content as much as possible on this little blog o' mine, but sometimes i come across something that moves me so much that i just have to repost it. jane tweeted a link to this blog post by stephanie earlier this week, and i've gone back to read the beautiful words it contains every day since then. as i mentioned, it's been a pretty emotional week for me -- aside from my brother leaving for bootcamp, there are other feelings-y things happening  -- so any time i feel a connection with something, i've been grabbing on to it and trying not to let go. these words are no exception, and i think (i hope) you'll love them as much as i do.

"what is going on inside me i cannot tell. in the sky a thousand stars are magnetized, and i lie glued by the swing of the planet to the sand. a different weight brings me back to myself. i feel the weight of my body drawing me towards so many things. my dreams are more real than these dunes, than that moon, than these presences. my civilization is an empire more imperious than this empire. the marvel of a house is not that it shelters or warms a man, nor that its walls belong to him. it is that it leaves its trace on the language. let it remain a sign. let it form, deep in the heart, that obscure range from which, as waters from a spring, are born our dreams." --antoine de saint-exupery

photo by hamjolou


  1. I think I could read that a hundred times and find something different about it each time. xoxo

  2. Wow, those are some beautiful and powerful words. Thanks for sharing! It's funny, I'm going through a rough and tough week too- many emotions and things coming up. But we are strong and will get through these long days with a renewed strength and view of this world. Keep you chin up! xo

  3. Beautiful - words can be so amazing and powerful when they're put together in such a thoughtful way.

  4. glad you guys love them as much as i do. i'm so thankful stephanie posted them!

  5. so glad you reposted this--so absolutely gorgeous.

  6. Very beautiful!
    Thanks for sharing :D