Monday, August 1, 2011

the weekend + committing to...

happy monday, friends -- and happy august! (seriously, can you believe it's august already? i cannot. although i am excited that it's my birthday week, so happiness, in this case, outweighs disbelief.)

anyway, how were your weekends? mine was awesome -- in fact, here are five delightful things that occured:

+ a delicious dinner and fun post-dinner walk on friday night. (made even more fun by the fact that we narrowly escaped a huge storm.)
+ horrible bosses. you guys: hilarious. the scene with charlie day singing in the car made me laugh so hard i cried. go see it.
+ saturday brunch (fresh fruit crepes, yum) at first watch. delicious.
+ the most amazing nap of my life on saturday afternoon.
+ a little shopping (followed by a little wine drinking) with my friend k. on sunday.

and here are five commitments for the upcoming week:

+ keep calm. this week looks busy already, and i took friday off so i could have a little three-day birthday weekend. so, yes: calm will be key for me.
+ smile.
+ in the same vein as above, set aside a few moment of silent stillness each day, whether that means unplugging a bit in the evenings or going to bed a few minutes earlier. i think that will be super beneficial.
+ try a new recipe. (not sure what yet.)
+ paddleboard! (this got cancelled last week, so i'm recycling. will post photos when it happens! we're long overdue for a scenes from sarasota post, anyway...)

and you? what are your goals for the next few days? tell me and i'll see you back here tomorrow.

photo by romeika


  1. Really want to try paddleboarding someday - looking forward to your pics! Oh, just reading your statement about the most amazing nap made me jealous. I can still remember my favorite nap - is that strange? It was over a decade ago - I'm due for another good one! Love that picture too, Strawberry on a plain cone was always my choice as a kid. :-)

  2. mm sounds like a perfect weekend. mine was productive with a bit of fun mixed in. i love your ideas to commit to stay "calm" this week. word of the week for me.