Tuesday, August 23, 2011

good morning! let's talk about underwear!

i've never really been a lingerie girl. i probably shouldn't share this with you, but in the spirit of full disclosure: until just a few years ago, i had quite the collection of "granny panties" -- those cotton briefs that are probably the most unsexy things in the whole word, but are also really comfortable. i'm not sure if the reason i wore them was laziness or lack of caring (or a combination of both), but there you have it. you could have called me gran.

however, recently it's come to my attention that nice undergarments not only look pretty, they can make you feel pretty, too. i certainly don't wear gorgeous, perfectly matched underwear every day (and i'm fairly certain we all have a ratty bra or pair of granny panties reserved for laundry days or schlep-around-the-house days), but it's nice opening my underwear drawer and seeing some lovely, lacy things nestled inside.

anthropologie, of course, has a great selection of underthings that fall right into the pretty/sexy category, and i've chosen a few of my favorites above. are you a fan of super-sexy, intricate underwear, or are you like me and lean more toward the comfort side of things? (i'm glad i've discovered there actually is a happy medium!)


  1. This may be TMI too, but I'm a cotton underwear kind of lady. I reserve the pretty special stuff for special nights..heh heh. But my doctor told me to only wear cotton so I gotta obey! But it is fun to have beautiful underthings in your drawers to wear every now and then!

  2. You're new nickname will now be Granny Megan. :) Just kidding. I think you're right, we all have our rough looking stuff for chores or whatever (I'm not painting walls or digging in the dirt with a good bra on!)

    I've just always been really intimidated by fancy underclothes. And I have NO idea why. It's very weird.

  3. oh those are lovely. yes i am not much of a lingerie wearer, but i have found it most convenient to get a pair of skivvies for free from victoria secret -- they send coupons in the mail every once in a while!

  4. stephanie, laughing so hard at your comment! and i was always intimidated too, now that i think about it, in addition to lazy. :)

    meagan, i love cotton, too! even if i buy fancy stuff i always try to get it in cotton if possible.

    ooh, tamara, i forgot about that coupon--that is a treat, for sure!