Friday, October 14, 2011

what are you doing this weekend?

happy friday, everyone.

how were your weeks? mine was extremely busy, and while there were a couple of low points, the high points more than made up for them: i'm soon to be the owner of my very first kindle* because i was employee of the month three times (my bosses are seriously awesome women); i attended the opening night party for the ringling international arts festival, met tons of super talented artists and performers and was arm's length away from mikhail baryshnikov(!) for quite a bit of the evening; and someone delightful mailed me some crazy-hard-to-find missoni for target notebooks that he hunted down for me after i told him much i loved my chevron-stripe clipboard.

i'm heading north this weekend -- first to my parents' house in orlando, then to one of my favorite florida cities, st. augustine, then back to my parents' until monday night -- and i know there's probably going to be a mix of emotion; i haven't been there since my grandmother's funeral two weeks ago and i know my mom is still feeling pretty sad. but she and i have plans to go to the farmer's market, see a movie and find our favorite cupcake truck, and it will be just nice to just hang out with her and my dad. i'm looking forward to it.

until next week, tell me: how were your weeks? and what are your plans for the weekend?

*i have said, frequently, that i'll embrace the printed page until it's literally ripped out of my hands, and that's true: i'll always prefer buy a book in print before i download it. but i'm so excited for my kindle because i really think it will be much easier to tote around than a huge stack of books. do you have a kindle/ipad? what is it like reading on it?

photo of fireworks exploding over the statue of david in the ringling museum courtyard on ringling international arts festival opening night by rebecca baxter for sarasota magazine.


  1. oooh, have a nice little break.
    i will be spending the weekend lugging furniture, polyfiller-ing holes and trying to get my lazy-ass housemate to do something to help. but i will have a nice new front room at the end of it.
    i might try and have a break and wander about with my camera too. xx

  2. Not going to lie...I don't like reading on my iPad. It's handy for travel, but honestly, I'd much rather lug books around. :) I do think that I will try to read a favorite story on the iPad before I give up hope completely, to see if maybe it helps by reading a book that I know I love, perhaps I'll get more into it. We'll see. But I hope that you like the kindle; most people seem to love them. xoxo

  3. Ooh, lucky you got a Kindle Touch. I have an original Kindle won from a contest and it is great, though I agree that there is just something lovely about a regular book.

  4. congrats on the kindle, what a cool 'win'! i just wrote yesterday about it, as i recently received one for my birthday.

    my weekend involves getting me and little miss over colds and squeezing in creativity.

  5. You will LOVE your kindle. I have read maybe one borrowed print book and a few reference books in print since I received it almost 2 years ago. It's so much easier to hold and cuddle up with, you don't have to hold open the pages. It's super easy on the eyes. I always keep an eye on the Top 100 list on the kindle store, for both paid and free books. You can download the free books (which are free one week, not the next) and save them for later. I've enjoyed many of those. Enjoy!!