Thursday, October 13, 2011

pie in the sky.

there are many things i love in life, but included in my top 10 -- and probably my top five -- would be a good dessert served in an adorable space alongside a perfect caffeinated beverage. so when i read this new york times article about melissa and emily elsen, two sisters who started a pie shop in brooklyn (and discovered that the article was beautifully photographed by todd selby), i was immediately intrigued. called four & twenty blackbirds, after the line in the childrens' nursery rhyme, the quaint little shop serves coffee and more than 50(!) pies per day -- and they're all handmade, from scratch.

i've always said that if i wasn't an editor and didn't love my job, i'd want to be a baker and own my own pastry shop (preferably with a side of bookstore). reading stories like the elsens' completely reinforces that idea, and in fact, when i'm at my parents' house this weekend, it's further motivation for me to hit up my favorite bakeries. just, you know, for future inspiration.

photos by todd selby, via the new york times


  1. pastry shop with side of bookstore? oh you're talking my language.

    what a great shop, that pie looks so good. and whole bean coffee, yum.

  2. I wish this place was closer so I could eat there.

    A pastry shop with bookstore is exactly what I've thought about owning one day! Maybe we can go into fantasy pastry shop business together.

  3. wish wish wish we had spots like this anywhere near me. x