Wednesday, October 19, 2011

loving: long winter farm's perfume oils.

recently,  after realizing that my dresser had become a graveyard for almost-empty perfume bottles, i ordered a couple of perfume oils from long winter farm. because i'm a sucker for anything peony, i chose that scent immediately; i also decided to order the honeysuckle scent because it's one of favorites and never fails to remind me of the best of florida (just like orange blossoms).

the perfume arrived yesterday, and i am happy to report that both scents more than live up to my expectations. the peony is sweet and heady and very true to the scent of the flower itself; the honeysuckle is a bit milder but equally similar in scent to its flower.  i have a feeling the honeysuckle will quickly become my everyday scent; i'll save the peony for those occasional nights out on the town.


  1. mmmmm yum. i need new scents too.

    i'm not huge on floral scents, preferring earthier ones. but i'd love something mild like honeysuckle.

  2. monica, the honeysuckle is REALLY nice -- and it lingers! (even moreso than the peony, which is a stronger scent but seems to last a shorter amount of time on my skin).