Tuesday, October 18, 2011

feeling rosy.

i had the best long weekend ever: it included time spent with family and people i care about in some really lovely places. the photo above is the sunset over castillo de san marcos in st. augustine last saturday night; the sky turned this amazing shade of pink that made everything look rosy and beautiful. i keep looking at it and thinking of memories of the weekend and smiling.

more to come soon, friends, including a great etsy purchase and a little giveaway (!), but until then: have wonderful tuesdays. i hope the world looks rosy for you, too.

photo by me


  1. Lovely picture, Megan. I get to travel to your neck of the woods next week to visit some of my family. Looking forward to those sunsets and gulf breezes.

  2. your tweets did sound like you had the best weekend. stunning picture. x

  3. what a gorgeous spot, and a lovely weekend to have spent it with loved ones.