Friday, September 23, 2011

what are you doing this weekend?

happy friday, friends! and happy first day of fall! (if you can't tell by number of times i've written "i'm excited for autumn" over the past couple of weeks, i'm thrilled that my favorite season is finally, officially here.)

what are your plans for this weekend? i'm actually heading north to give a certain someone a walking tour of my hometown tonight (complete with, i hope, ice cream) and then spending saturday locating the yum yum cupcake truck (and possibly seeing a movie and doing a little shopping) with my mom. it should be a good weekend, especially if i can get back to sarasota early enough on sunday to spend the day getting organized for next week.

so i'll see you back here on monday -- until then, tell me: what are your plans for the weekend?

this photo, by the snail and the cyclops, makes me feel something i can't quite explain. so lovely and moody, no?


  1. I hope you have a great time in Orlando...with a certain someone. ALSO, I hope you find that cupcake truck. I think I'd lose my mind a little if I had one of those close to me. :) xoxo

  2. Ah yes, autumn. Welcome. Beautiful picture. I have a great weekend! Mine is hopefully going to be relaxed and restful.

  3. That photo is amazing. I can't tell if I am haunted by it (and the house) or if I am hoping someone is home with a cup of soup or tea. I could stare at it all day, I think.