Wednesday, September 14, 2011

loving: whitney deal dresses.

the older i get (and i know that, at 28, that seems like a strange way to start a sentence), the less enamored i am with the elaborate, fancy weddings that captured my attention--and held it for hours--when i was younger. don't get me wrong: clicking through photo galleries of gorgeous weddings (or, hello, going to them) is one of my favorite things to do and probably always will be. but personally, i've gone from wanting a huge wedding and reception to wanting something more akin to a garden party in a beautiful, intimate location (savannah square, anyone?) with just my closest family and friends. 

that's why i am in love with everything about these wedding and bridesmaids' dresses by whitney deal, right down to the styling. they'd be a perfect fit for the type of wedding i just described -- pretty and white, but also simple and fun. in fact, i think if i were to describe my future wedding, that last sentence would be exactly how i'd do it.

photos by whitney deal


  1. that little floral number is stunning. x

  2. Those dresses are so pretty! I really like that last one.