Friday, July 30, 2010

what are you doing this weekend?

happy weekend, everyone! i'm so glad it's friday--as you can probably tell from the light posting this week, it was a crazy week at work that i capped off with a two-hour drive to my parents' house just outside orlando tonight. but now i'm sitting here with my brother's dog in my lap, getting ready to go to sleep in the bed i grew up in. and tomorrow, i'm celebrating one of my best friends' birthday, and i'm so excited about that--especially since he's in town from boston and i don't get to see him often. (i'm making him a carrot cake using this recipe--i did it two years ago and it was a hit.)

what are you up to this weekend? any exciting plans? if you're looking for some good music, i've been completely obsessed with fun's aim and ignite lately. i think it's pretty much a perfect album--lyrically and melodically--and it's definitely been on repeat on my ipod. what have you been listening to lately?

see you back here monday! xoxo

photo by nikole. i wish my cakes looked as gorgeous as hers. 

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