Thursday, July 29, 2010

morning glory.

do you have a morning routine? mine goes something like this:

wake up.
hit snooze on alarm. several times.
roll out of bed, pet cat.
stumble to coffeemaker (which is about to bite the dust, and that will be a sad, sad day). make a pot of very strong coffee.
jump in shower. primp for work.
pour cup of coffee to go while scarfing down a bowl of cereal.
run out door, coffee cup in hand.

it's admittedly a little hectic, especially considering my propensity to sleep as late as possible. if i were to give myself an extra 15 minutes in the morning, i'm fairly certain my life would change dramatically. (maybe that's my next commitment. hm.)

anyway, there's been many a day when i've wished i could kick that pesky caffeine habit that leads to me heading for the coffeemaker before i do almost anything else in the morning. i love coffee way too much, though, so that probably will never change--however, i have been guzzling diet coke in the afternoon lately, and i kind of hate that. soda is something i gave up completely for a good long while, and it's somehow crept back into my life over the last few weeks. so i need to make a concerted effort to revert to tea--and i'm pretty sure this is the "recipe" i'll be following:

1 cup fresh-brewed green tea
splash of almond milk
honey, to taste

so simple, but so tasty--and it gives me those healthy green tea antioxidants and keeps me away from the diet coke. i haven't tried it iced, and it may be completely counter-intuitive to be drinking hot drinks during summer in florida, but there you have it.

are you tea, coffee, or both? do you love it as much as i do? have you ever kicked a caffeine habit? and oh man, have you tried almond milk? i love it--in my tea and with my cheerios.

photo by loula m. so simple and pretty, no?

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  1. I love coffee something fierce. I enjoy tea, but nearly as much as coffee.

    I just added a new step to my morning routine. We started taking an earlier, less crowded, train to work so I have about 30 minutes to hang out before I have to be in the office. So, now I sit at a local deli and read. It's really kind of nice to have that bit of quiet time before heading into work.