Monday, July 5, 2010

the (holiday!) weekend + committing to...

happy monday, everyone--how were your weekends? for those of you here in the states, did you have a great fourth of july weekend? and were you off work today like i was? (i hope so!) i had a nice couple of days: i spent saturday helping my friend t. move into and unpack her brand-new house, then went back over on sunday and helped unpack some more, then we sat by outside by her pool and enjoyed the unseasonably cool weather and a view of the siesta key fireworks show. then, today, slept in, ran some errands, did a little work, and mostly relaxed. in truth,  it was a perfect weekend.

still, in spite of all the perfectness, i felt a little "off" all weekend--the remnants of last week, i think. but as i helped t. put away and rearrange her things, and realized how happy it made me, i decided i need to do a little physical and mental rearranging myself. so here are the things that, in the spirit of my health, i'm committing to this week:

+ living by michael pollan's motto: "eat food. not too much. mostly plants." (alternately: not eating french fries or drinking diet coke by the liter, and having fruit, yogurt, or nuts instead of chocolate as a mid-afternoon snack--both habits i've fallen into over the last two weeks.)

+ keeping up with the running. it feels great, especially in the cooler (relatively speaking) evening hours.

+ cleaning out my closet. there's a direct correlation between my mental state and the state of my apartment, and right now my bedroom looks like a tornado hit it. i really need to commit to getting it organized, starting with my closet, where there are tons of clothes that need to be sorted, hung up, consigned, or goodwilled. bedrooms should be sanctuaries, right? i owe that to myself.

+ continuing to evaluate (and re-evaluate) the present and think about the future. more on this throughout the week, i'm sure.

p.s. if you do anything this week, you should read shanna's guest bloggers' tribute to their grandparents. starting with molly's. lovely, lovely.

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