Wednesday, July 14, 2010

loving: nadinoo.

i really love these pretty pieces from nadinoo--they remind me of liberty of london and, even better, make me want to step outside the nautical, navy-stripes box i've painted myself into recently and work in some more print and pattern. also, i aodre the model's hair and makeup, which reminds me that i desperately need both a haircut and some kind of new skincare product thanks to the ridiculous florida humidity.

also-also, nadinoo is fun to say. yay.

thanks for the the tip-off, jane.


  1. Hi Megan - gorgeous dresses - hey I just noticed you changed your header. It's very pretty. Hope all is well in Sarasota... Lou x

  2. I LOVE the first dress and I'm wondering if the sides always stick out so cutely like a tent. Or maybe she's just holding them out! Anyway, that style and length is very flattering to the legs. Perfect for a summer afternoon.