Friday, July 2, 2010

what are you doing this weekend?

 happy weekend, friends--and to those of you in the u.s., happy fourth of july weekend! what are your plans? do you have today or monday off? are you going to be able to catch some pretty fireworks? will you relax, sleep in, stay near home, or do you have big plans?

me, i'm hoping for a combination of both. tonight should be low-key: laundry, a movie, a good sleep. on saturday i'm helping my friend t. move, and on sunday--the fourth--i'd like to spend some time at the beach and maybe watch the fireworks from a seat on the sand.

i've also been in a bit of a funk since tuesday, as i'm sure you can tell from wednesday's post, so i need to spend some time away from the computer thinking about what it is i need to do next in my life and re-evaluating where i am right now. full disclosure: my 27th birthday is coming up in august, and 27, for some reason, is my scary age--i feel like, by this point, i should have conquered some major personal life goals (own a home, be married or at least on the road to married), and even though i know that's not fair to myself, i need to think about why i feel that way so i can start to remedy it. i'm a bit overly sensitive, so it helps when i force myself to take a step back and examine things from as practical an angle as is possible for me.

it's a funny thing, this life, isn't it?

anyway, whatever your plans, i hope you have a fantastic weekend. i'm off on monday, but i plan to post, so i'll see you back here then. xoxo.

image via mary ruffle


  1. Don't be scared of 27. It was probably one of my best years ever. Really. 27, 28, 29 - all fabulous. You're old enough to be secure and happy on your own, and you don't yet have the responsibilities of a family. Enjoy every last second of it.

  2. I love to re-evaluate my life from time to time. I actually just had a few weeks of doing that and I honestly feel the best I've felt about things in a long time. Just remember to not put undue pressure on yourself to accomplish certain things. I hope you have a great, great weekend. I'm looking forward to your post on Monday! :)

  3. I disliked my 20s... I had no idea what I was doing with my life. My 30s were better and my 40s are the best so far. Be easy on yourself... good things can happen when we feel like we're in a funk - it's a shift time and you're listening to it. I hope your weekend is great, Megan!

  4. Hello there. Life is funny - I totally agree. And on your point about being 27 - I think any age over 'mid' 20s starts to feel scary! The thing is by the time I was 27 I did own a house, was married, even had a baby - and I have to say those milestones still did not take that scary feeling away! I guess what I am saying is maybe it's just how life is - to feel in a funk and scared sometimes and we all attribute it to whatever we do/don't have? For me at that age I thought I had done it all too quick and wondered if I would be better off being more care-free?! Silly - can't win. In retrospect now of course it all fits and I wouldn't change it for the world! Lou x