Monday, April 12, 2010

here comes the sun ( + committing to...)

happy monday, everyone--how were your weekends? mine was very, very low-key, just as i hoped it would be. i had sushi with two of my favorite gal pals on friday night; ran errands with another one of my favorites, k., on saturday afternoon; spent time with my friend m., her cousin and his friend on saturday night; then slept for, oh, about 10 hours straight into sunday morning.

i also rediscovered the glory that is the 2005 movie version of pride & prejudice. i'm a total jane austen lover (see: here), and i know some austen purists take issue with this adaptation of the book, but i personally think it's beautiful, and i get goosebumps every time matthew-mcfadyen-as-mr.-darcy tells keira-knightley-as-elizabeth-bennet that he loves her "most ardently." swoon. (where's my mr. darcy, by the way?)

and now here we are again, at the beginning of a new week. how were your weekends? what do the next five days look like for you? are they busy? are you going on vacation? do you have lots of work projects? are you making big life changes? please tell me--i'd love to hear!

here's what i'm committing to over the course of the week:

+ paying my taxes. (gulp. this is going to hurt. maybe i should commit to a large alcoholic beverage after i make that payment!)
+ smiling more.
+ wearing bright lipstick/gloss every day. it's amazing what a pick-me-up that can be.
+ straightening up my apartment every night before i go to bed. i've been really bad about this lately, and a clean house makes me feel so much better.
+ continuing working on the whole positive attitude thing--and not just on the surface.
+ living by this quote:

"do not anticipate trouble, or worry about what may never happen. keep in the sunlight."  
(benjamin franklin)

here's to keeping in the sunlight. xoxo

{ lovely photograph via miss mary ruffle. of course. i love balloons. }


  1. your weekend sounded perfect... nice and relaxing, much like mine. I am however jealous of your sushi dinner... that is definitely something I'm looking forward to when we get home!!
    hope your week is fabulous!
    ps. your "committing to" posts inspire me every week :)

  2. That Benjamin Franklin quote just about made me cry. I'm feeling really blue today and part of what I'm down about is stuff that I'm worried about happening. Ugh. Anyhow, thanks for a great helped to get my mind a little bit more "right."

    This week I'm planning on being as productive at home and at work as possible; taking care of those tasks that I continually put off.

    Enjoy the day, Megan!

  3. Hi - that balloon shot just exudes Florida sun - like all of your posts :-) P.S. I left you a little award on my blog xx

  4. @s, thank you so much! :) now i'm excited for you to have sushi!

    @stephanie, i'm so glad you like the quote and the post and i hope you feel better soon. good luck with your tasks--you can do it!

    @louboo, you are too sweet! thank you!


  5. Beautiful and I agree with all you have said, nice words to live by!

    I have up a fascinating interview with artist Robert Anders...come follow.


    Art by Karena