Friday, April 23, 2010

what are you doing this weekend? (i'm going to a birthday party!)

happy weekend, everyone! are you so happy it's friday? i've had a really crazy week--one of those super-feelingy ones--but like i said yesterday, i feel like there's some kind of positive shift happening in the universe right now. it's good.

and speaking of positive things, one of my favorite people in the whole wide world, my friend k., is turning 30 today, so i'm going to make sure she celebrates her birthday in style at her party on saturday! i'm whipping up my famous coconut cake, and we're going to have a wonderful dinner, with lots of wine, at her mom's house, outside on the water. i can't wait.

what are you doing this weekend? please share, and i'll see you back here on monday! xoxo!

{ image via lissy elle }


  1. birthday party on the water with wine & coconut cake sounds like the best 30th birthday ever. your friend will be a happy girl :)

    i'm looking forward to moving on and getting out of croatia (not that i don't love it here)... because i have a feeling i'll have much more exciting weekend updates to regale you with! we're pretty lazy & uneventful here!

    happy weekend! xo

  2. This weekend is going to be full of picture taking, eating, a little math, and some reading. Coconut cake sounds really good to me right now...I might have to make some of that myself. Have a good one!

  3. Have fun, Megan. Quiet (snowy... ugh) weekend here, but we go to SC on Tuesday. I'm looking forward to that!