Monday, April 5, 2010

eight days a week.

sorry for the late post, everyone--it's been a busy monday! how were your weekends? mine was filled with jelly beans, peeps, good food, good friends, the beach, and a lot of sunshine.

anyway, i don't have a lot of time to write tonight--i'm baking cookies for a friend whose dad passed away last week, and i got in very late and didn't sleep well last night--but i wanted to post my usual monday "committing to..." tell me, what are your goals for the week? and did you have good weekends, too? i hope so!

here's what i'm comitting to:

+ a positive attitude. and more importantly, not being influenced by others' negativity.
+ making good choices (mentally and physically).
+ powering through work projects.
+ being there for the aforementioned friend
+ spending as much time outside as possible
+ really being aware of the present moment
+ trying to add a little more joy to the world--whether through pretty pictures on this blog or a kind word to someone else.

see you back here tomorrow! xoxo

{ lovely yellow (my fave!) print via eight hour day }


  1. Your "committing to" posts always get me motivated. This week I plan on cutting back my TV watching to 1 show per night; get up by 6:30 each morning; remember to take photos everyday; and to be productive and positive at work.

  2. i love your list. i've had a rather rough week, and your optimism is rubbing off on me :)

  3. thanks so much! you two are so sweet. :) xoxo