Thursday, April 15, 2010

beach bum.

feeling light on words today, so i thought i'd post these pretty, pink-lit photos i took at the beach recently. sometimes i think sarasota is the most beautiful place in the world. it's nice to feel that way about where you live, no?



  1. I feel that way about Portland. In the late Spring, early Summer, it's so amazing here. Great photos...they make me want to be on the beach.

  2. These pictures are so pretty. It's awesome to love where you live! It makes daily life so much better. I live by the beach in Santa Monica and I absolutely love it. xo

  3. oh gosh,
    do you know what...
    this is the first time i've seen a 'beach' in about a month - and i moved to bali for the lifestyle.
    i'm super busy, but some things are too important to miss.
    thanks so much for the reminder.
    these photos are beautiful - i will have to visit this beach one day. in the meantime say hi to it from me

  4. These are beautiful, Megan! I love the beach near Sarasota. My grandfather lived there for years and years.