Tuesday, January 19, 2010

so awesome.

after a freakishly un-florida-like 10-day cold snap, the weather this past sunday was finally nice enough for me to put on my flip flops again, go for a long jog, and then spend an hour or so walking around the park by the bay with two friends and their dogs.

on our travels, we met up with a few other friends and settled into the grass to talk to them. all of a sudden, someone said--and i quote--"is that...a church? floating toward us?" needless to say, we all snapped our heads around so fast we practically got whiplash to see what the heck was in the bay, and to the shock of everyone of us, a church-boat was indeed floating through the water toward the marina--apparently, it needed to fuel up.

seriously, guys. a church-boat. how awesome is that? and it's actually pretty!

one of the friends i was with discovered that the vessel is used for weddings and is owned by weddings on water, a local company. needless to say, my fictional plans for my own wedding have been a little revised...

{ images via weddings on water }

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