Monday, January 25, 2010

home inspiration: sunny living room ( + "committing to")

i would like my living room to look exactly like this, please. love the sunshine-yellow sofa and the pops of color everywhere. a sofa is my next apartment purchase, for sure, and this one just changed all the rules.

i've also decided to start a new monday feature that i'm calling "committing to," for lack of a better title. this weekend, i completed my first 4-mile run ever, and i was totally pumped that i committed to something, worked toward it, and completed it. (sad to say, sometimes i'm way less follow-through and way more get-excited-and-then-forget-about-a-project. i'm working on it.) so i thought i'd start mapping out my little aspirations for the week, just so i can hold myself a bit more accountable--and maybe you can share your weekly goals, too.

here's what i'm committing to this week:

+ continuing to work toward getting my finances under control.
+ planning out meals to take to work so i don't go out to eat every day.
+ spinning on monday, running on tuesday and wednesday, and 20 minutes of pilates every day through friday.
+ reaching out to my friends more. i've been a little distant and i know it.
+ being a better blogger and commenter. (speaking of reaching out...)
+ completing a massive work project and doing it well.

how about you? what are you committing to this week?

{ image via laure }

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  1. I'm also trying to eat out less - but sometimes I can't resist! just stumbled across your blog via the marshmallow post, it's cute!