Monday, January 18, 2010



happy monday.

how are you?

i'm doing pretty well. after a ridiculous head cold and a busy-busy-busy week at work last week, i feel like i'm finally back in the swing of things. i have an equally busy week coming up that i'm capping off with my first 5k run(!), but i feel better. and honestly, as i read updates on the haiti situation, and listen to my dad (a therapist) talk about his experience grief-counseling haitian workers at a very large orlando-based company--about how they're all waiting to see survivor lists to find out if their loved ones are still alive--i realize that my "better" is pretty freaking awesome, considering. (by the way, have you donated to the relief efforts?)

so there's definitely that.

how are your mondays, my loves? and how were your weekends? please share.

{ pretty photo by nikole. a little sweetness to kick off the week is always good, yes? }

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