Friday, May 8, 2009

what are you doing this weekend?

first and foremost, happy mother's day to all the mommies out there! i am definitely not the mother of a child, although i do consider myself the mother of a very fluffy white cat, which makes me happy. what are your mother's day plans? i'm going to surprise my mom--she thinks i can't visit on mother's day due to a work commitment, but i'm going to show up unexpectedly on sunday. i think she'll be happy.

and as for the rest of the weekend, what are you doing? hopefully something fun and spring-y. aside from the drive to my parents' house, i'm going to clean my apartment and daydream about my soon-to-be painted chalkboard kitchen and pink bedroom. i'll also be daydreaming about finding a gorgeous moroccan wedding blanket like the one above (i'm obsessed with them)--i may have found a great source, so i'll keep you posted if it works out.

happy weekend! xoxo


  1. sounds like you are gonna have fun fun fun petal! x

  2. Have a beautiful weekend, Megan! And, since you have a cat, you do deserve Happy Mother's Day wishes, too!

  3. i have to work all!!! your mom will be thrilled...mine would die if i surprised her like that. i sent her flowers though and it made her day. :) happy weekend to you!!

  4. I hung out with my mama--It was a nice lazy day with lots of good food and lounging around!
    I love this looks so glam!!