Friday, May 29, 2009

what are you doing this weekend?

happy friday! i know this post is a little late, but what are you doing this weekend, my dears? i'm going to be doing a little work, spending time with friends, maybe taking a pilates class, possibly hitting the beach and definitely sleeping in. what about you?

{ pretty photo by indierocket. check out her flickr photostream, it's delightful--as is her blog! }


  1. that sounds like a great weekend! i've been wanting to go to the beach all week.

    my sunday is pretty exciting: i'm seeing the documentary "the pixar story" with a q & a with the director, leslie iwerks, afterwords. coolest part is she is the granddaughter of the co-creator of mickey mouse!

    fyi, i've finally started updating my blog lol.

  2. tiff--you always do the most interesting things! and i'm super-glad you're updating again. hooray!

  3. Have a great weekend, Megan. It sounds like fun!