Tuesday, May 5, 2009


my dears, i have a design question, and i think--no, i know--you're the best people to help me out. you all know about my obsession with chalkboard paint, yes? well, i've been itching to paint a wall, a swatch, an anything in my new apartment with it. and as i was baking chocolate chip cookies tonight, i gazed up at the wall space above my cupboards and thought, "hmm...maybe chalkboard paint could work up there!"

the thing is, i'm worried that paint that dark will close in my already small kitchen. but on the flip side, i get quite a lot of sunshine through the kitchen windows and i'd probably write on the chalkboard paint in bright colors.

here're two (craptastic--sorry!) photos of my kitchen as is--i also plan on replacing the red door handles (they're cheerful, but not for me).

and here's my inspiration photo:

so what do you think? yay or nay? thank you in advance, lovelies! xoxo

{ images one and two by me; three via design*sponge }


  1. i too have an obsession with the chalk paint. i <3 the idea of you using it. the only thing about the location you're thinking of is that it seems a little high for everyday use. i think it would be cool to put it lower down and have a running groceries list on it or something :-).

  2. i'm quite sure that new cabinets would change the ENTIRE look of your kitchen. and that inspiration photo is absolutely lovely, for sure.

  3. im with julie - GO FOR IT :D

    i personally loveee the look of chalkboard paint - and so practical too.