Tuesday, April 7, 2009

a very mini sneak peek.

hello, lovelies--today i thought i'd show you the one organized corner of my freshly painted apartment. i am in love with the color, which is a version of martha stewart's "surf" (no. 286). it's so soothing and beachy, and it takes on different colors depending on the light.

anyway, you may recall that when i first moved in, i was dealing with this (sorry for the poor quality; i took it at night on my blackberry):

well, thanks to my friend r. and the aforementioned pretty paint, we now have this:

(the blue thing in the corner is a yoga mat, and its neighbors are an as-yet-unhung piece of artwork by my friend b. and, um, a blind that i accidentally ripped off. oops. the table is a "lack" piece from ikea, and the little knick-knacks surrounding the tv are mostly thrift finds or from target. the grocery bag and the ribbon board do not usually sit there, but i was apparently too lazy to move them.)

so, yeah! i'm happy with where things are going so far. it's truly amazing the difference a coat of paint can make. next up is shelving (i'm going to do a wall of white shelves on the wall opposite the one in the picture), followed by curtains (i'm not a huge fan of the blinds and i think something airy and white would look pretty there) and a big, colorful (or possibly just white) rug to cover up some of the carpet. again, nothing wrong with it, i'm just not crazy about the color and would like to add a little texture. i also need to replace the red doorknobs on the kitchen cabinetry (pics of the kitchen coming soon) and do my chalkboard wall. r. is going to paint the bathroom this week (i love having a handyman friend!), and i'm going to do the bedroom soon--here's my inspiration:

yes. ice-pink (with brown accents and fluffy white bedding!), here i come. i'm pretty sure my apartment is going to look like an easter egg when it's done.

p.s. the blue walls are perfect for maybe-kinda-sorta-possibly copying nicolette camille's cloud wall, no?

happy tuesday, my dears. xoxo

{ images one and two by me; three via design*sponge }


  1. gorgeous!
    looks lovely and fresh.

  2. oh! that bedroom looks so soothing and nice... i can't wait to see your take on it! :)

  3. Megs - the blue looks great! Also, going to my mom's today instead of tomorrow. There was a last minute change of plans as we are meeting with the photographer at the Events Center today instead of Saturday. I will give you a call on my way and see if you are busy :)

  4. it never fails to amaze me what paint can do to a room! looks great!!

  5. It looks so good. And I love your inspiration picture, too.

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