Friday, April 10, 2009

spring fever.

happy april weekend, everyone. the photo above is of my favorite tree, the golden trumpet. they're everywhere this time of year, and their flowers are gorgeous and yellow and when they fall on the ground, they create this beautiful blanket of sunshine. the photo above is of the golden trumpet in my parents' front yard; it was a gift to them when i was born and it's moved with them from their first house to the one they're in now.

what are you doing this weekend? i'm catching up with friends, baking this cake and then spending easter sunday with some of my favorite people (they're the recipients of said cake). happy easter if you celebrate; if you don't, happy spring! go outside and play.


{ photo above by me }


  1. I love your inclusion of those who do not celebrate Easter! How thoughtful and refreshing! Thanks. :)

  2. that yellow is so vivid, i love it :-)